18 things!

Hey internet people,

This is my first post up on this space. I turned 19 years old this year so I thought I’d share with you some things I learnt. To be precise 18 things I learnt in my 18th year.

Officially been adulting for a whole year. I survived! We thank God.

It has been an interesting year, it came with many challenges that resulted in tears and fun moments that caused me to laugh like never before. This has been a transitional year and I am settling into Jemima (yes I just referred to myself in third person). Writing down 18 things I’ve learnt or lived out this birthday year in no particular order.

  • I am loved by God – this is something I did not truly believe. I used to think  “yeah God loves me sometimes or God loves me when”. So yes this year I gained confidence with my relationship with Christ. When the negative thoughts come and I start to doubt his love or do not necessarily feel his love I remember he proved it on the Cross by laying himself down as a sacrifice.
  • I am found in Christ – I started my 18th year thinking this is when I can finally explore and figure myself out. I thought I could find myself through a good job or going travelling. However, I learnt the most about myself this year just by spending time with God.
  • Serving – this was such an important revelation to me. I am a Christian not just for myself but to live a life of sacrifice towards others. It is not just about what I can receive but what I can give as well. I serve God as a form of worship to him.
  • Church isn’t so bad – I learnt to actually love the church community. The people that are genuine honestly just want to encourage you as we are all on the same path.
  • I am a passionate person – I used to live thinking that there was not anything I cared about but this year I really got invested in the children’s ministry. They are great kids and encourage me to better myself because I know they look up to me.
  • Friendships are meant to be mutual – so you cannot force them. The right people will give back the same energy and effort. It is also wise to be selective. Not everyone is going to be your friend.
  • Loving and forgiving those who hurt you – I forgave those who did me wrong and I prayed they forgive me too. However, there does not need to be this big reality television closure scene. You forgive and move on with your life. If they wanted to reconcile you will have to set boundaries as your social health is important.
  • My commitment issues can be changed – I admit I used to have big commitment and consistency issues. This was because of my fear of failing. I always start things with an escape plan. I would leave things early or unfinished because I didn’t want to get hurt from throwing myself into something and it not working out.
  • Godly goals – I don’t want to get caught up in things just because I think it is right because everyone is doing it. I also don’t want to choose easy ways out. So I have to have God as the center of all my goals and aspirations. The saying goes everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.
  • My imagination can be a blessing and a burden – when I come up with great ideas that’s a blessing, when I’m working towards the idea and it is not coming together as expected and I get frustrated then it becomes a burden.
  • Guarding my heart is an art – it is something that constantly needs to be worked on and treated with care. I only have one heart and I don’t want it to get too broken because I was not careful. Speaking in terms of boys and relationships. Not every attention is good and it is so easy to get caught up in something that is not right for you.
  • It is okay to be transparent (sometimes) – with the right people who are for you it is okay to pull your walls down a little at a time.
  • My identity is made up of many things – I am not just what I do or what I have. I am not defined by my popularity either. In the words of Charles Dickens “I must be taken as I have been made. The success is not mine, the failure is not mine, but the two together make me”
  • There is room for error – it is okay to admit I do not know something as it is a good start. It is also okay for me to make mistakes when I am learning and growing.
  • God is my G – pardon the slang but I have really been captured by His awesomeness. I look back and it amazes me how I have made it through some things. I honestly remember points when I thought it was the end and couldn’t see anything better than where I was. However, I am here writing this, full of hope.
  • Loss hurts – it hurt when I lost some people in my life this year. It hurt when I lost some dreams. I was hurt but hurt creates character. I learnt about myself a lot and the limits I thought I had but exceeded.
  • Stepping out for my calling – don’t be scared to take a step out of the crowds. At certain points it is okay to blend in a little but, when the time is right you need to be bold and come forward.
  • Prayed to be used by God – this prayer will come to pass and requires a lot from you. Be strong and trust while it is happening


Bonus point:

  • Enjoy life – I am going to live a life present and not go through the motions. Embrace the moments I have been blessed with and work hard.

There are many more experiences I had during my 18th year.  I hope you will look out for this blog because I wish to share them here with you.

Y’all  will see a new post up soon but get in contact with me while you wait.

Jem 🙂

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