Take care of me

I am responsible for looking after myself, adulting has taught me this. In terms of keeping track on how I am doing mentally, emotionally and physically. There are people still around who can assist but overall if I do not take care of me I will self-destruct from the daily pressures of life.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. This statement means that for me to be healthy my mental and social well-being play a big part. The action I have taken is to regularly make some time for myself to make sure I am doing well or stable in all areas of my life. I know there is never going to be a time when everything will be going perfectly as planned however, I seek stability. Regardless of the circumstances I can still be efficient if I am healthy and well.

Properly looking after myself includes eating better, exercise and taking time to rest. I also need to prioritise spending time with God because my faith is a big pillar to my life. Discipline is important for me to live a life that maximises my time and opportunities. I filter my life by getting rid of the things that do not really matter and will take energy from me. I make sure my commitments are not in excess because if I spread myself to thin my effectiveness will decline. I will start running on empty and instead of adding value to the things I am apart of I could actually be slowing them down.

My big problem was tiredness. When I am tired, I am moody and reactive. Everything feels like a burden, even the simplest task of getting my mum a drink. My passions and interests begin to frustrate me when they should excite me. A downhill spiral in my life starts all because I am tired.

To counter this destructive habit, I force myself to take a pause. I take a Sabbath and spend some time to rest properly. I acknowledge to myself that there is more work to be down however, to be strong and equipped for the journey ahead I need to rest.

I am still learning others ways to look after myself. Share with me your experiences on how you look after yourself.

Jem 🙂

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