Moving on is hard, but needed

Life is full of uncertainties. There are decisions that can change the current course you are on. There are people who you could meet that will affect the way you relate. Life can be unpredictable.  So because you have to live with uncertainties you harbor fear within you. You are kept awake at night by thoughts of what if and what next. When you find something that is good and makes your life sparkle for a moment it refreshes you. However some things are only meant to come into your life for a moment and when you receive the lesson it had for you it should move on. But it can be difficult to let go. You are reluctant to lose this thing.

The reasons for your reluctance varies, you always manage to find an excuse as to why it needs to stay. Really if you were honest you’ll admit that you did not believe another meaningful occurrence can happen to you again. If you let go you might regret it in the future. You feel that nothing can compare or be better than how it is right now. So you hang on.

The fact is, it has come to a point where it is no longer required and letting go is beneficial for growth. But you do not believe this. If you trusted more you will understand that when you let go of the thing there will be space in your life, that space then means something else can come in. Something else is on its way and it needs a room to stay.

If the thing coming next arrives and is being told to sleep out in the stables, it will move on to another who is willing to give a room. It will not wait. It will not be pushed to the background. It will leave as it requires to be used.

Then a time will come when you will need that new thing. You will look at the thing you did not want to let go of and feel resentment. Angry at the thing you did not want to let go of because it is not adding value to you but instead draining life out of you. In a futile attempt to get new life you go looking for the new needed thing.

You find the needed thing and it does not recognise you, it does not understanding why you are pleading for new life.

The thing you did not want to let go of followed you and watches. It then comes and sits by you.

You say to yourself, next time you will move on while looking at the thing you did not want to let go of.


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