If I knew that I couldn’t Fail, I would…

“If I knew that I couldn’t Fail, I would…”

I came across this statement a few weeks ago and it has sat with me. It has been on the back of my mind begging me to give it some attention. Trying to avoid the topic proved futile as it became an itch in my brain. I gave in and began the dialogue.

Myself: “Firstly, in what context do you want me to answer this question?”

Mind: “What areas in your life do you feel the most fear!”

Myself: “Well we have already established that I feel fear in term of my relationships with people, but, I’ve acknowledge that and I’m working on that right”

Mind: “Go on where else?”

Myself: “Well I guess my future is a big fear, the uncertainty of life and pain of failure”

Mind: “Jackpot, let’s talk about the pain of failure and the true cost of success then. You do not know everything but figuring out where you are will help identify what else you need”

After I read some articles and watched motivational speakers, I decided to map out some sort of vision for my future. The desires of my heart that have been hidden.

So here it is, in terms of my future and dreams

If I knew that I couldn’t fail, I would start my university degree in September. After I finish my BA I take the 2 year abroad programme I’ve been researching about. I’d then come back to London and continue to pursue my career goals.

I do not have a 10-year plan or anything close to one, but I have some short term goals. To learn, travel and experience the world while doing something meaningful. I want to make an impact on my world and help people outside of my circle.

After admitting this I can start taking steps. I love steps because they elevate me. Even though it might not be big steps or many steps; everything time I take a step I still get on a higher level to the previous positon. So I love steps and will keep on moving forwarding to the next one regardless of the challenges and obstacles.

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