Seeing differently

I do what I can to the very best of my ability with what I know how to. Therefore mistakes are inevitable. I do not know everything; I am experiencing and having to react to many things for the first time. I can also limit myself thinking there are things that I cannot do that are out of reach. My past experiences and my lack of experiences work together to create the engine room for my decisions.

One of my main focuses is to enrich my life through having meaningful connections and relationships. When I interact with people I often forget that they are human like me and they make mistakes too. I forget when I get hurt and start questioning people’s motives.

To understand people and their behaviour on a better level I tell myself to give them the benefit of the doubt. I know that I do what I can, the best I know how to so others might think this way too. People can only treat you the best they know how to. It is a reflection of themselves and not because you deserve it.

Giving everyone this scale is freeing to my reflective mind. It becomes easier for me to forgive and move on. I also criticise less because I assume they do not understand and that is why they do this. Staying alert as when people show me who they really are I better believe them and establish boundaries to guard my heart.

Some situations do manage to frustrate me when I feel the person’s lack of preparation was the cause. I didn’t know as an excuse shows carelessness because this was a situation they should have thought of as a whole. My reactions to these situations are more important, staying gracious and kind regardless of environment is something I am working on.

I do my best to take ownership of my life. The good and the bad all belong to me. I know I do not always get it right with people either but I always have pure intentions. I want an authentic life so I make sure to give that to others.

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