I am currently in today

How long should I wait? Does it look pathetic if I say I am waiting? This is what I want, so it should be worth the wait right? Are signs my compass or shall I follow my heart?

It is complicated now but in due time I will understand

When exactly is due time? I can be patient if it is in a reasonably foreseeable time period. I just need to know if it will happen.

Uncertainty is draining me. Dreaming no longer inspires me because I want tangible proof.

Encouraging myself saying God has my tomorrow and He will look after it.

But I am currently in today, and today is filled with anxiety.

Coping with today is the struggle, so I just have to survive today. Hold on to the fact that looking back it will all make sense.

Thankful for the character building it caused. Thankful for the empathy it gave. Thankful because I can help somebody else, so they do not have to go through it.

But I am in today not tomorrow. 


Today sucks.


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