Lonely – This Road

My journey is unique, it was designed specifically for me. Not one else has been down my path. I am the first and last person to go on this road.

The road is lonely.

This one man ride has taught me to become my own cheerleader. When I fall  into holes on the road called mistakes or run out of fuel from lack of rest, I have to gather myself up alone. When I have to figure out a new route because failure has blocked the road with a sign that says dead end, I have to encourage myself that though the future is uncertain, I have to keep moving forward. I remind myself that giving up is not an option, turning back is not possible as there is no where to go back to.

On my journey searching for joy and meaning to life, I have learnt that advice from others has to be filterd. I have listened and followed instructions from others because I liked the look of their journey. I did this without thinking about what I actually needed; what was good for them does not mean it suits me. Taking on what people said too much caused me to bury my ideas for what I wanted out of life, for a period I lost myself.

While rediscovering myself I realised that I had to find a right balance of receiving help and knowing when something is for me to experience myself. I have to stay true to my heart. Following your truth makes you aware that not everyone is for you when you are free. Not everyone is going to like the way you live your life. Some might makes comments and laugh and others may leave you.

Strength comes when I feel alone and lost once I remember that my purpose, the reason I was born is worth the temporary confusion, loneliness and pain. This road is mine and for me to walk. If I want to reach my full potential, I have to understand that I might be lonely. I have to accept that I will grow regardless of if I have help or not. I will stay on my lane, I am in this heart and soul.

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