I know…but

Trusting God is hard for me to do. Understanding and being patient of His timing and will when it does not align with the plans I had for myself starts a battle in my mind. I hesitate in the middle trying to decided if I will move with Him or wait. Do I continue and fight for what I want and prove God wrong by becoming happy. Proving God wrong sounds silly I know especially as He is the one who is all knowing. Our God is kind so we have free will and He let’s us go ahead with our plans. But I’ve experienced so much pain in the past that I should know better. I am also aware ” everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial”.
I know God has the best intentions for me. I know God’s way is better than my own. I know I am safe in God’s hands. I know and I know but I still battle.

Thinking about the battle between my wants and God’s will I want to share some results and problems in my personal life. I am going to be as vulnerable as I possible can. All of it will be laid down as a way to encourage myself aswell about God’s Faithfulness in the past and the mistakes I made that He turned into something amazing. Stay updated about the Outcome Success, Failure and The Journey To Come.

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