The pain from past disappointments and the joy from unexpected resolutions should have taught me to stop being fixated on rigid plans. The most important thing about life and living is that you are aiming at something meaningful while being true and genuine.

It is important to have something that makes you happy but that path with bring its frustrations. Knowing it is worth it allows perseverance, as well as understanding you are not like a two sided coin; instead resemble a layered cake that the baker is still working on.

The baker created a solid foundation for the cake and wants it to be beautiful. Therefore, it has to be unique and cannot be like the other layered cakes they have made. Just because the baker had one layer vanilla, two of chocolate, three salted caramel and five red velvet in the previous cake and it worked and tasted great mean that is the only way to create a delicious cake.

On this particular cake the baker may not want it to be as tall; elevens layers on a cake is heavy, eleven layers is an odd number, some people do not like salted caramel.

New flavour in the cake mixture, rye flour this time, smaller sized layers; this cake will be made to stand out.

The baker will try some layers, add it on and leave it for a few minute to see how it will benefit the cake as a whole. There are times the new layer will fit perfectly like a handmade glove. Other times it may require some readjusting because it’s not sitting well. This could be because of the layer underneath has impacted this new layer to the extent that it may start to change colour because it was peach flavoured and the black current stained the outsides just from touching; or it just lean a little because the cake holder wasn’t placed correctly. Depending on the bigger picture for the cake the baker has in mind they make leave it just as it is even though it’s bent a little, after all it makes it more unique.

However, there will be situations in which the layer that was added simply needs to be removed and placed in the unsuitable pile. It was not working for the intentions of the baker. So the baker will create a new layer, but it may take some time. While the baker is mixing the new batter, the cake may feel it’s their fault, the cake may be sad, it may be happy because it didn’t like cornstarch flour in the first place. Regardless for that period the cake is left waiting, watching, hoping for a cake layer that will make it perfect and will complete it.

The cake is always thinking about completions, when the baker will be finished and call it perfect. It is eager to know how it will look when all the layers are put together. The cake is unaware that it will not be finished when the baker had made all the layers. That is just one part of cake making done.

Once the baker has all the layers together, they take the cake apart because the layers then have to be stuck together permanently. Before the baker was just piling them on, now the baker will add icing to glue, cream for taste, cake plates for separation and non edible materials to keep it straight. Then once that is done the icing sheet to cover some parts need to be made, then the decorations, then it needs to be chilled, then the writing with the pipe.

Becoming a cake takes time, so let the baker create their masterpiece. It will be beautiful, but it takes time so young cake that is only in the process of being layered, be patient and enjoy the mixing.

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