Things People Say When They Give Advice

When I seem to be taking my life super seriously and feeling overwhelmed, I recieve the words ‘wow, you’re young’ or ‘don’t worry you’re still young’. Usually the aim of the person uttering these words it to reassure me and tell me there is still more ahead. I didn’t always recieve this with joy.

At first I used to find these words condescending because I know my age already, and why did being my age mean I could not feel these current emotions or understand situations. I told they implied that my problem wasn’t really a big deal in the first place.

I heard those words as a blessing recently. A positive reminder to this weeping heart. That you are still young, and there is still so much yet you haven’t experienced.

However, it is not guaranteed that because I still have time things would get better. As disappointments have a way to haunt me. Follow me in the shadows and come out to scare me when I think I’m moving on. In the future I could think, when I was young this didn’t work out so it probably still won’t and give up before I even try.

But I’ll take each day one at a time. Remembering that I am still young and learning. Constantly challenging myself to grow and not remain in the same place. Expecting great things for my future and trusting that when I know better, I’ll do better.

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