Have I Missed It?

At what point does a missed opportunity fulfil the amount of chances it can give you to make it work. For instance, you start something and give up; you can come back to it meaning that’s one chance there already. So you then take that chance and you go back, but you mess it up again and this time worse than the first.

There is no guarantee you will get another chance, so what do you do after you walk away? If you wait and you get another chance again to go at it, how many more chances will you get? The opportunity is available to you so you think you can keep self sabotaging because it will be there, because you know it will return.

Then what about when it doesn’t give you that third chance and it has left. Will you wait for it because that was supposed to be yours or will you admit that you missed it and there is nothing you can do anymore?

Sure you tell yourself ‘when one door closes another opens’, ‘there is plenty of fish in the sea’; these encouraging words to keep you going, to shied you so you do not feel the entirety of what you lost. It is true opportunities are endless, but it won’t be that same one again and you cannot know if it will be better than the last because you never got it to work right in the first place, so you never saw what it held inside.

It was meant to be yours, it was yours for that period and it asked you to take care of it and love it. After you left the first time it even waited for you to return, wanting you to grasp it. The reason why the opportunity could not give you a third chance was because it was too damaged to recover. It no longer exists, when you left that final time it disappeared.

Stop treating things like they will always be there, don’t miss opportunities because you think you will get another go. When it is right in front of you, step into that moment and act like it’s the last time you will get this chance.

Then it won’t be the last time.

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