Mystery any day!

Have you really thought about what it would be like to know that? I mean sure you think it would be nice to know when you meet your soul mate or when you get that job you’ve been dreaming about. Knowing will mean you have the information before it already happens and that’s a spoiler.

Are you a fan of spoilers? How the end of the book turns out before you’ve even read chapter one; who gets together on that TV show before you’ve even watched the chemistry develop.

Not me! I can’t stand spoilers. I would always get upset even furious when family members will give a spoiler on purpose to tease me. I don’t like spoilers because it takes away the mystery. Yes, you can still watch the show to find out about the process, what happened to get there. But no, you won’t ever have that eager, anxious feeling of what if that drives you mad with fear and excitement.

That place, that uncertainty, that’s where the fun is at. It makes it more romantic and lovelier when on an ordinary day I meet the love of my life and I won’t even notice him because my hair is a mess and I’m running late for work. Then one day I’ll be with them and look back thinking who would have thought. I’m a perfectionist if I knew the day I was meant to meet my man I would be slaying ready and waiting putting in extra effort. I have more fun when things flow naturally and just work together without me having to do endless hours of manipulating. So that’s why I’ll rather not know.

I do want to know certain things in advance, like if my life turns out how I planned it so I feel reassured. However, since I don’t know I work hard every ordinary day because something amazing can happen at any time. It brings out the best in me, a consistency that comes with not knowing.

One spoiler alert that I am aware of is that everything won’t go as I planned and organised. I believe life has so much more in store than I can imagine or work up a schedule for. It will lead me to the place I need to be stumbling through the mysteries.

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