Sleepless Nights In London

Life is cruel, during the day you pretend you are doing fine so the night time should be kind and let you rest a while, but it does not.

When you can’t sleep you:

  • Stare at the wall, just waiting because you know whether you move or not life keeps going. So you decide to stay still and let it pass, you will not stop it, you want the night to end and morning to come.
  • Watch hours of shows, for the length of the programme you can immerse yourself into another world and not have to deal with the fact that your reality causes you pain.
  • Text people, though you are alone if you keep communicating with someone else the walls of the room will not feel like they are closing on you as fast.
  • Eat food, all kinds of junk which allows you to focus on the motion of eating for awhile and not on the fact that tears are falling from your eyes.
  • Fantasise, create a world where you are happy and loved and rich and famous and and…

Oh look it’s morning another sleepless night has ended.

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