Dragon Dream

In my dreams I see a dragon flying,

It is going in a circle around a high brick wall.

My dragon comes close like it is planning to crash then stops,

my dragon goes back into the air and repeats this routine.

They want to pass to the other side because there is a place they are meant to be.

The wall appeared so suddenly and interrupted their journey,

so now the scheduled arrival time is unknown.


This brick wall in front of my dragon is thick,

but it is possible to advance on with force.

Instead, night after night my dragon does the almost flight attack.

“Why don’t you just break through mighty dragon?”

It is sad to watch, as my dragon is so strong and they don’t know it.


The lack of confidence keeps them stuck,

they cannot carry on to the next place.

Fear does not allow them to fight.

My dragon does not want to get hurt,

It had never seen a wall like this before.

Though they are scared to fight, they were built for battle.

Everything about my dragon was to ensure their success,

nothing was meant to prevent it from flying.

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