Is it the fireworks? The countdown? Or crowds? What happens when the clock strikes midnight? The mystery of New Year’s Eve; Regardless of current events, We the people gather together; In anticipation and desperation. Screams and shouts; Hugs and kisses; Dancing and alcohol; Welcoming our New Year. In that moment, Nothing happens. No change. It’s just the morning of the next day. Still it carries … Continue reading Expectations

Why I Was A Grumpy Brat At Christmas

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and Happy Holidays to those who don’t. I hope you are having a restful day after the busy period. I have one more family event to appear at today before I go back into hibernation. This year Christmas has come and passed like any other day, like most Christmas experiences I’ve had in the past as I’ve … Continue reading Why I Was A Grumpy Brat At Christmas

Love Actually, A Christmas Movie Win

I’ve been watching Love Actually for many years and it is still one of my ultimate favourite movies. I normally save the pleasure for Christmas time and watch it a lot during the season; I feel I can never go wrong with putting it on. Even though it’s the hundredth time I still feel all the raw genuine emotions again and again. We can all … Continue reading Love Actually, A Christmas Movie Win