Pray Big (I Want To Marry My Celebrity Crush!)

Hey Everyone,

Happy Sunday, I thought I would write a chatty post today to get you all to know me a little. I normally write creative nonfiction, poetry and rants so you don’t usually get an introduction from me.

So on a typical Sunday  I normally go to church as it’s how I keep sane, lol I really need Jesus to survive. Today I’ll be getting some preparation for the week done and meet my family later on as well.

I try to pray regularly and sometimes I try to avoid spending too long praying about myself because I don’t want God to think I’m selfish and consumed only about myself. But today I had a crazy thought, absolutely ridiculously crazy. I’m talking fantasy world expectations.  Normally I would brush something like this off and think it would never happen, it’s far too unrealistic. Also it’s something I want, not need and you should only pray for things you need right?

Not today, I decided if I have this opportunity to ask God for anything I’m going to pray big. So extreme and impossible for me to accomplish that it would not be done if it was just up to me. I’m going pray out all my hearts desires and leave it there instead of keeping it hidden. Then it’s up to God to make it happen if he believes it is okay for me to have or is in line with my purpose.

From today I’ve even decided that I will begin praying to marry my celebrity crush. I thought I had grown out of that phase but nope, I want it so I will pray for it. haha

I want to go back to being so childish and honest with my heart in everything. Always worrying about what is possible or what is in my reach makes me feel small. I do not want to stay the same way forever so I need to enlarge my visions. That can only happen if I dream big and speak big.

What’s something you dream about and want that you think is completely impossible?

Have a lovely day

Jem x


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