Catching Up To You

I thought I would have caught up to you by now. When will I stop chasing after you and start to walk by your side. It should have all come together, the work, the planning and preparation. I did not realise that I would still be running after so long. You have not stopped once and I am desperate to gather my breathe and myself back to normal but I know if I do you will be beyond my sight. Will this last for much longer or will I finally be on the same ground as you?
I need a reason to keep going, it is not be enough to convince myself that this is training to be with you. The first few times walking on the hot coal hurt but I told myself that I needed to be tough because you can only have someone who is strong next to you. I do not feel I am getting stronger, I see how fragile I am the more I try; my skin is cracked and sore, and my soul is getting weaker from not being able to reach you.
If you turned around to look back at me that would help. Instead there is just distance and silence. Are you even aware that I am running behind you or am I doing this for nothing? Why did you give me a glimpse of what it was like to be with you and then walk ahead when I blinked?
One blink and you were gone. I am not even sure if you went away on purpose without telling me or you wanted me to meet you. You are so far away, and you are getting further away by the minute.

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