Start Line 3.1.5b

Why do we procrastinate on our dreams, never making time for the plans and goals that are required to get us there? Sometimes we do allocate the time and schedule everything in place but still we do not move and stare at the wall. Why do we never start?

For me I would come up with many excuses, from not being ready to not knowing enough, then things are busy or it won’t work. I never felt prepared enough and worried I would mess it up somehow. I would tell myself that because I did not know everything I could not start instead of choosing to learn and improve while I went along on the journey.

I’ve talked to other people and noticed that I’m not the only one who does this to themselves. I will meet someone who is so enthusiastic about their talent or idea, they will share what they are planning to do and when they are going to do it. Later, when I see them again and ask how the project is coming along, they share more about what the new plan is and what is different; but they haven’t started it yet.

I am fully aware through personal experience that sometimes life sometimes doesn’t go as plan. However, when you haven’t started yet you fall into the trap of meaning to and never actually. Something will always come up, and after awhile it will be all just talk about what coulda shoulda woulda been.

There are then those people who have made an attempt before and it did not work out so they are too scared to try again. These people now are happier to just talk about it because no real hurt can come from doing that. Intentionally remaining just dreamers is better than being a broken hearted worker.  If the thing they love so much failed again it would leave them feeling even lower than before.

How then do we move and start making our path when we feel inadequate or when we’ve experienced failure and are too scared?

Since it comes down mostly to fear and delay then I thought I would started by not thinking and it will be spontaneous. Avoid all the pre-thinking and just jump right into it, speed will have to be the way forward. But impulsivity did not produce commitment and consistency.  Choosing to start and move to the beat of the drums you heard once is great fun because you’re going with the flow, but when the drums stop you stop. The excitement from trying something new goes away shortly then you don’t have any motivation, then the fact you had no plan shows because you do not know what next.

That’s when it hit me, after all the other almost attempts to get going. I had to change my mind-set; if  I really want this thing and believe it’s mine then I will go for it. Lack of confidence in myself was the main issue. I had to get my mind right, understanding that if not me then who; I’m the only one who can interpret my dreams.

I decide to start after I had spent sometime convincing myself that I am worthy. Then I made a rough draft in my mind wrote it down and began. I did not tell anyone I was starting I figured I’ll share slowly as I progress. I worked on finding a balance between responsibilities of life and time for my work. It’s not perfect but it is a work in progress and I know what I want, this is attempt 3.2.1b

Which means I’ve conquered the first barrier and finally I’VE STARTED (again)!!

This is sfjTheOutcome, it’s nice to meet you.


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