Don’t You Think She Looks Tired?

I remember David Tennant’s first Doctor who episode; Christmas time is never safe and pretty intense. At the end of the episode he said “Don’t you think she looks tired?”. The power those six words held caused a downwards spiral for the character he said it to, sure it was a consequence for her actions but the only reason it worked is because tired is seen as a taboo.


People will lose trust and confidence the minute they see some eye bags or even hear a slight yawn. They will perceive it as a sign you are weak, that you cannot handle the pressure. Suddenly they will start to attack you as a person saying it means you are not cut out. The truth is yes you cannot handle the pressure and the weight on your shoulders at heavy but that does not mean you are not cut out for it. Even though there is a lot going on you decided you would not leave and do all you can to figure a way to make it work. The passion and your care means that you have the spirit to overcome.

However, they will not see that instead believe that what should be shown is strength all the time, in order to ensure them that you are capable. They do not like the idea of someone helping them who is human just like themselves. Not realising that because you are fragile you sympathise more, and have a reason to work harder. You know your own limits and you see the walls that stand in front of you better than anyone else. You know how small you are but yet all you want to do is protect. There is something within that does not let you rest until you reach resolutions and that is why you are tired.

They think your tired demeanour is because you do not know what you at doing. When it is because night and day you want to learn, grow, achieve and climb; you want to reach the heights to make a way for others so you do not stop. They don’t she that, they want that image of someone who does not sweat to be what leads them. Since you broke the image they see you too familiarly. Heroes are not meant to be human, and their weakness should be a rock from out of space not something common like tiredness.

So they say “Don’t you think she looks tired?”, like that’s a bad thing.

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