It Is Slow

Its not meant to happen all at once; you would feel overwhelmed or under appreciate what you have. If things got too busy too soon you would not know what to focus on and prioritising would be confusing. Even though it is what you want and are sure, you do not want to get it then wish for the pace to slow down.

The truth is things are going slower than you expected, you do not need to change your desires but allow flexibility in your mind. Knowing that if things go slow it does mean you may arrive later than you planned. However, you are doing well each day following your heart and serving your purpose. I know that does not make you feel encouraged hearing that you may have to keep going at it for a while longer. But, stay well and strong; do things with excellence and quality. So, when you do arrive you will be ready. In all areas you would be sure and secure, confident in your identity and proud of your process. When you finally get there, and things begin to pick up you will handle it with grace because you had spent time preparing and managing yourself for this change.

Keep going with the path you are on. The arrival is unknown, but it is written in the stone, it will happen. All of it will come to pass. All the work you put in will show. When the time in right no one will be able to deny the fact that the moment is yours.

Hey everyone, this is my encouragement to those who feel things don’t seem to be moving in their life. I tend to feel stuck after certain periods of stillness, so I must remind myself of my motives and why I want what I want. Then understand that if it is mine then is will come to me. I can be impatient sometimes wanting things to happen according to my timeline, but I know that the wait is necessary.

For those who are feeling week and weary about the desires in their heart, I’m praying that you feel peace and assurance in knowing that it will come. It is written already, and you are just walking through joining the pieces together.

Sending Love,
Jem x

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