Before You Say Yes

There are somethings that you need to know before you decide to commit to that dream of you

Thank you guys xx

rs. It really is a great idea, I bet it’s swell but I must tell you (1) not everyone is going to appreciate it right off. Sure, you know that you may have to build your audience, readers, clients or fans; but you are not convinced that you will remain low for long. The reason you are so confident is not because you are proud, but you have done the research and know that what you have serves a purpose, so you believe it will take off soon.

In the past year 83 Published Posts currently as I am writing this

However, I need you to know that you may be in the shadows for a while, but do not let that get you down and quit. It is important that you survive being in the shadows and the only way you can prepare for that is to be aware that is will happen, and that the length of time you will be covered is unknown. The reason so many people quit, and you come across many in-completed pages or business that dissolve is because they got tired of creating, producing or making with no one receiving it. From my perspective as a creator if no one reads what I write I’ll feel my work is not needed or engaging. I would go back to writing to my diary because there is no difference between my blog and diary; both no one reads, and my diary require less effort to work in.


There was literally no one finding my blog for months


If you can understand that you need a receptive audience to keep going,

I’ve changed my site name 3 time on WordPress in the past year.

but it may take a while for that to happen so you won’t be shocked. Then you need to know (2) first attempt may not be only the only attempt. On the post SELRES_eaa1fcd0-714f-46b5-8066-8183edf14cacSELRES_113baf2e-c1fe-4331-bda6-48ef7109985bSELRES_39aff90a-8eae-4ad2-a169-05c2bf24df92SELRES_d81dfb29-f390-4697-9f9c-b6129ee4e011SELRES_f5878ebd-889f-4a90-a1c1-af544521c31cSELRES_ce1b800d-6d23-4b8f-b644-5a6f663881b3SELRES_c14215bc-2799-4bcd-9594-3cec3c79d458SELRES_da8ccfb3-c527-4c27-bc15-82aea60aecf8SELRES_dd20a86e-de27-49dc-9f94-6564d8d73547SELRES_b9fcdf44-486d-4038-8efa-9902b9b5cc4dSELRES_325ff2ed-e2e7-4b25-9e0a-6fe015d26c1aSELRES_fabb2ca5-e87d-4d23-ad8f-7364327e0c46SELRES_215c855a-f62a-43b4-acf4-10ad37da06dbSELRES_30b63766-9d4f-4082-8522-4b80455b50b2SELRES_643f8726-582d-4df8-80f8-9da637687d01SELRES_9159f7eb-8bfe-455e-9302-b11c3dac1548SELRES_1567d246-ffdd-41df-a85f-fd43c5a1a154SELRES_6e33c081-eff8-4fc9-8c95-0f89152d23feStart Line 3.1.5bSELRES_6e33c081-eff8-4fc9-8c95-0f89152d23feSELRES_1567d246-ffdd-41df-a85f-fd43c5a1a154SELRES_9159f7eb-8bfe-455e-9302-b11c3dac1548SELRES_643f8726-582d-4df8-80f8-9da637687d01SELRES_30b63766-9d4f-4082-8522-4b80455b50b2SELRES_215c855a-f62a-43b4-acf4-10ad37da06dbSELRES_fabb2ca5-e87d-4d23-ad8f-7364327e0c46SELRES_325ff2ed-e2e7-4b25-9e0a-6fe015d26c1aSELRES_b9fcdf44-486d-4038-8efa-9902b9b5cc4dSELRES_dd20a86e-de27-49dc-9f94-6564d8d73547SELRES_da8ccfb3-c527-4c27-bc15-82aea60aecf8SELRES_c14215bc-2799-4bcd-9594-3cec3c79d458SELRES_ce1b800d-6d23-4b8f-b644-5a6f663881b3SELRES_f5878ebd-889f-4a90-a1c1-af544521c31c ISELRES_39aff90a-8eae-4ad2-a169-05c2bf24df92SELRES_113baf2e-c1fe-4331-bda6-48ef7109985bSELRES_eaa1fcd0-714f-46b5-8066-81 shared that this is not my first blog; it is my third. I’ve been trying to create a platform since I was 17 years old; I’ve tried different websites and various blog names. Since December 2016 I’ve been working on this platform but have changed my name three times.  I knew I wanted to talk about searching for joy and my journey but there is something about a name. Which bring us to point (3) as you go down the path you will evolve, and the transition can be frustrating and confusing. In your head it looked different to what you see in front of you, then when you started circumstances changed you and therefore what you create or how you create changes.


All that is happening and (4) you will feel you have no idea what you are doing. This is a feeling because you do know what you are doing, you are working towards your goals, but everything is coming at you at once. There is a lot involved such as learning to interact, working and creating, designing, marketing and because you are doing it all at once you do not know if you are doing it the right way. It becomes difficult to know which one you should spend the most time on and which to prioritise because they are all important and needed. As you can see (5) you will be spending a large amount of time alone; for some this may not sound bad, but this time alone time will last hours and weeks. All your free time is going into working on your dream; it can last for a very long period that you could start to feel isolated. Finally (6) you are going to be tired, everything requires energy and you will experience growing pains. Emotionally, mentally and physically you will feel tired. Find ways to release stress and enjoy life at some point during the week. Do not push time to yourself to the back, because you will just end up running on empty then sudden you will burn out.

There are some many more things that I’ve experienced personally, which include commitment and personal life; plan to share more on those in another post. Thank you for reading, and I hope this was a little helpful. It is important to know the reality of somethings because I personally felt blindsided by all these things and I wished I knew before I started.

Jem x

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