Be In It

Those mundane days.
Stop letting it go through you.
Allow it to become a part of you.
When you see a normal routine day,
Open your heart,
Search for the little things.
That is how you truly live,
By putting all those moments together.
You keep missing them,
All around you.
There is life.
But you are not Present,
It needs your Presence.
Right now,
Be in it.


Hey everyone, Happy Friday!
I hope you’ve had a lovely week and are looking forward weekend. I’m trying to write relaxed posts and updates regularly. I would love to get to know y’all so please send me messages, you can do so by heading to the SELRES_1ba603df-39b8-4456-b7ce-0d7b6ed9e47aSELRES_63535b6e-57ff-4f4e-8cfd-09fe31b3163cSELRES_d1916af5-602a-4e3f-b905-a43b32f32078SELRES_1e121046-53fa-4bba-a6cc-88d6119b45e7SELRES_f83e93e7-f8d7-4f27-8024-c5adfa036f24contacts pageSELRES_f83e93e7-f8d7-4f27-8024-c5adfa036f24SELRES_1e121046-53fa-4bba-a6cc-88d6119b45e7SELRES_d1916af5-602a-4e3f-b905-a43b32f32078SELRES_63535b6e-57ff-4f4e-8cfd-09fe31b3163cSELRES_1ba603df-39b8-4456-b7ce-0d7b6ed9e47a; ask me lots and lots of questions.
Tell me what you’ve thought about the posts this past few weeks; I really wanted to talk about SELRES_0cc0fda6-add9-4397-a869-b7a27377b21bSELRES_8f78555d-b7bc-4130-b8da-6935fcd81c1bfrustrationSELRES_8f78555d-b7bc-4130-b8da-6935fcd81c1bSELRES_0cc0fda6-add9-4397-a869-b7a27377b21b, SELRES_ae78c97e-a909-420d-861e-e0ca4f1856eaSELRES_4a4306e8-a15d-428e-8557-31649cbe4aebSELRES_2f0c919d-6817-46d1-be71-10b9ec553511SELRES_d161ffdb-dcdb-408d-b2fe-9527cd2f9e5dstarting againSELRES_d161ffdb-dcdb-408d-b2fe-9527cd2f9e5dSELRES_2f0c919d-6817-46d1-be71-10b9ec553511SELRES_4a4306e8-a15d-428e-8557-31649cbe4aebSELRES_ae78c97e-a909-420d-861e-e0ca4f1856ea and setbacks. I’ve had end of year blues, so I just wanted to let out some bottled up feelings as well as to encourage others. Next week I will get Chirtsmassy so I hope you’ll come by again to check on it.
Interact with me, I promise I won’t bite (hard) hehe.
Jem x

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