Conversations With Santa

Santa, can we talk?

I know you’re not real but still I need to belive in you. For me to know that good deeds get rewarded helps me make it through the year. Especially knowing that the giver will not be the people you extended yourself to, but an external source who watches everything. In life somethings happen that make us wonder if there is any point in going forward. We hold out until Christmas because it won’t matter by then. What didn’t make sense will be explained through a gift from Santa.

You were created to remind us that someone has got out backs and is watching. For us to be better people you said there would be gift incentives, to encourage us. Now this season makes us want presents and we only obsess over material ones.

What you want to give us, I want it. Not the things from shops because they don’t last.

I’ll leave out the milk and cookies for you and carrots for the Reindeers. All you need to do is drink and eat. From that I will know you were there, that you came to check in on me. With your gift of presence I will go through another year, confident that you are watching. Waiting and eager to get to talk to you again next Christmas.


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