Love Actually, A Christmas Movie Win

I’ve been watching Love Actually for many years and it is still one of my ultimate favourite movies. I normally save the pleasure for Christmas time and watch it a lot during the season; I feel I can never go wrong with putting it on. Even though it’s the hundredth time I still feel all the raw genuine emotions again and again. We can all agree that what makes the movie so great is not the acting, the famous cast do a great job but that it not why we watch it again and again. There are many Christmas movies with big stars that do not come close to Love Actually because it lacks the raw authenticity. Here are four reasons why Love Actually stands out for me and why I plan to watch it again next year and for as long as I possibly can.

Number 1) Airports
The airport scenes are memorable, the arrivals and departures of various characters. Hugh Grant while narrating at the start of the film said that if you want to see real love go to Heathrow and just watch. I think this is true from my personal experience of what I’ve seen; people at the airport are sometimes the most real and vulnerable. If someone is going on holiday you can tell, everything about their speech and actions rings loud I’m getting time away; especially when you see a group of friends, the excitement will cause you to laugh along with them. I have also noticed the way people say goodbye to those who have dropped them off at the airport, some are awkward, and some are cute; airports are one of the few places were PDA is not horrible.

Number 2) When Sam says, “Worse than the totally agony of being in love?”
Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and Daniel’s (Liam Neeson) relationship is just so beautiful to watch, the bonding and the compassion makes my heart warm all the time. We are all aware that Liam Neeson plays such a devoted father as we’ve seen him do so in Taken but his character as Sam’s stepdad just showed clueless effort. Even though it did not make sense and he did not know what to do he tried to do his best, and when Sam says, “Worse than the totally agony of being in love?” he had to agree. There is simply nothing we can do about that love dilemma and some of us who have experienced this hopelessness shout ‘Amen’ during the scene.

Number 3) Communication
Communication can make or break a situation, the film focused on allowing the characters to express themselves properly. Encouraged by the atmosphere of Christmas people got the chance to say the things hidden in their hearts. The freedom that came with that was worth the scary moment of taking a step while wondering if it will be received the way they intend it to be. Language could not even act as a barrier, because the best way to tell someone you want to be by their side is to just be there.

Number 4) Stories Intertwined
It simply showed that your life can be connected to someone else’s in the littlest of ways. There is a bigger picture that involves everyone, in the movie you find out how one person knows the other. Then by the end what makes the story magically is that they all played a part in each other’s life’s somehow.

Those are some of the reason why Love Actually is special to me and in my Christmas routine. What are your go to Christmas movies?

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