Inside Christmas

I am not a massive fan of Christmas; I like Christmas movies and songs but I’ve never gotten so eager about it. However, I am not a Grinch, so I won’t tell people what they are doing is over the top; as I have seen some pretty cramped Xmas trees.
When I have children one day I will probably fake enthusiasm for their sake.

Since I don’t get excited by the season greatly I have to remember that it stems from a lovely faith story. The best and my favorite story in the Bible by far. It was created to celebrate Jesus coming to earth. A beginning that caused the biggest catalyst till this date.

It is a special time for me to reflect on my faith and relationship with God. I am very thankful for this season because it gives people Love, Hope, Joy and New Life. The thought of beginning and birth allowed me to be able to look back at my year and remember the months where I had got so disconnected from life. This year I felt confusion and frustration at different points, because of all that was happening I stopped trying with so many things that I committed to and cared about, including my faith. When I began to take the steps to close the gaps I had created myself and begin again, I was hesitant to go at it with all my energy. I felt unsure that I could do this now, I wanted to wait a while to be fully ready again. When I did start again, some part of me knew I was filling time because I wasn’t certain, but I also knew that because I had nothing left, so trying again meant that I didn’t have anything to lose.
Even though I was starting again it was from where I left off, a new slate but the same journey. I did not go about it pretending nothing had happened and I hadn’t changed. I recognised that this opportunity to pick off where I left off made me appreciate second chances. Especially when I thought that I could never be that anymore and I had missed it completely. Being able to do the work towards the dream, is something special as I thought it was no longer attainable for me.


I’m using this Christmas period to reflect all of this and to rest. Spend the time I have been blessed with wisely because I know that it won’t be like this forever. Though I’m not a fan of Christmas, I do appreciate and need it. Cheers to Jesus and new beginnings !!

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