Notes From 2017

Hey everyone, as the New Year is getting close I like some of you are reflecting on the past year. I do not want to keep taking the same lessons next year, so I decided to look back on what I learnt this year and make some notes. These notes will help me prepare for the future because it will act as a reminder when I face them again and as a guide to know what is next for me to discover. It is fun to get excited about moving on, but do not leave anything behind that you need because you forgot about them.

1. Bump on the road = slow down, not it is over
When you have a route in mind knowing it is the best choice, while moving and you come across a bump on the road, it can look like an unexpected interruption. For me the setback makes me confused and wonder if what I was doing is correct. Sometimes it is a mistake I made that I need to address, but it is also a sign to make me aware that my current surrounding is sensitive and requires caution. Identifying what exactly the bump means and why it came will stop me from panicking thinking everything is falling apart.

2. Family & Friends
When things are complicated in your life do not pull away from those around you, falling into the trap of isolation the feeling more self-pity. Make sure to be honest about what you are going through, saying I need sometime to myself is okay instead of ignoring them.

3. Boys
Romantic relationships are lovely, but require a lot of work from both parts. Be confident in yourself knowing that you are not a burden and that you are valuable. Treat the guy as a person and not something to satisfy your ego and needs; they are a person with feelings too and manipulating is not the way to go about things.

4. Self-Care
Leave it as soon as you know that it is not benefiting your person health; if things cause anxiety, stress or are toxic you need to detach yourself from it. Do not let people use you and allow yourself to be consumed about what people think; staying in situations because of fear costs you your peace.

5. Writing
This is what you love, so you need to make sure it is always a priority. Spend time on, experiment and create; don’t focus on making perfect master pieces all the time because the truth is sometimes what you write will just suck. The best way to not forget ideas is to write it down as it comes to you, and yes that means waking up in the middle of the night to do so because you know if you leave it to when you wake up by the time you get in the shower you would have forgotten.

6. Plans
This year I have seen how making a tight strategic plan is very useful as a guide. I am learning to not hold so tightly onto what I have written down because it won’t happen exactly as I intend it to. It is good to have something to aim at and a route to get there, but I must be flexible with it as I move.

7. Goals
Make them, and be intention about them; if they happen that’s great and if they don’t make new ones or amend them to the situation before you. Goals act as a mark so you know when you have reached a desired stage, so you do not keep working without taking a pause to look at what is before you and your achievements.

Those are my seven things that I am going to focus on. Share some of your experiences and what you learnt from them with me, as I’d love to hear from you. Watch the video below to hear more about the points I made in detail.

Thank you for reading!
Jem xx

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