Let’s Catch Up Over A Cup Of Your Preferred Beverage

Hey Y’all, Happy New Year!

We made it into 2018, woop woop! Today I wanted to talk out my thoughts on New Year’s and where this blog is heading. If you don’t already have something to drink, go grab one and we can pretend we are at a coffee shop having a friendly chat.

Welcoming in the New Year is a very exciting time, especially when you look at it as getting your engine re-fuelled for the journey ahead. It can be a shot of life.

The momentum can last a few hours or days, and people plan things out quickly in that mood; setting resolutions and goals of what they want their year to look like out of that place of excitement and optimism. I have thought about it for a few weeks now and decided to not make New Year’s Resolutions and just write down things I plan to work towards for the next 4 months. A lot can change during the year, so my goals should be flexible to fit around my current circumstances, instead of me trying to bend around something I made right at the start of the year. Once I get to April, I will look at where I am and what I planned, to decide the next steps for another 4 months.

I tend to get overwhelmed and intense when I set personal goals of what I want my life to look like. When I made my resolutions last year I thought all I had to do was join up the dots; do this, then that would happen, which would lead to something. It surprised me that a perfect plan is not everything that is required to achieve what I had in mind. I had done all that I was supposed to do, and the result was not ideal. Sometimes things just didn’t work, and I was filled with disappointment; I am aware of my mistake, but there were situations that were out of my capacity to do anything about.

To make sure I do not have another big setback at the end of the year, I will have regular progress checks every 4 months that will keep me accountable as well and flexible. Making my biggest ambitions the first thing on my check list drives me mad, I get obsessed and burn out early. Starting slow and creating stability is the best decision for me to remove the burden of beginning with the heaviest task. The more I grow and learn in the upcoming months will indicate how I can stretch myself without breaking from pressure.

In terms of blogging, these past two months has been interesting; I have learnt so much and there is a lot that I still do not know. The amount of time I have put in came from a conscious decision to prioritise working on my blog and creating. For me it is not something I want to do once a month on a random whim, so I am going to keep posting frequently. I will be posting three times a week, a mixture of creative writing and blog writing; I will have topics, so the posts aren’t just what I feel like uploading all the time. I want them to be relevant and to flow with what sfjTheOutcome is about; which is to ‘Live happier, making better decisions’.

I would also love to engage more with those who read my blog, even if it’s constructive criticism I want to hear from you. If you have stories to share and advice to give, message me. Also, if you live local and fancy talking about London.

Thank you for reading, it was lovely talking with you. I am looking forward to building something special with you. Take care and I’ll talk to you in my next post.

Jem xx


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