If No One Was Looking Would You Still Feel The Pressure?

Have you ever felt the pressure from watching eyes?
Family, friends and even strangers looking at your life; telling you their opinions and advice on what they think it should look like, but mostly just watching to see if you make it.

Pressure can come from different sources,  it can be good and bad so that’s why I don’t completely hate it, but I don’t love it either. I welcome it with my hands open to allow it to do what it needs to on its visit, then quickly try to get rid of it. When pressure demands what it needs, it can change you for good, if you let it help you grow and guide you; or it can effect you badly if you crumble under the demand it put.

There are some situations I hated going through, because it was alot to handle and there were expectations to produce a certain result. However, once I got out of it I was greatful to have experienced the weight, as I would have never known I could lift something that heavy. The pressure made me explore and focus on an area that I would not have been aware of if it did not call my attention. Then I realised the skill and resilience I got from overcoming is a priceless achievement and I would not wish that experience away now.

But, big BUT feeling the positive energy about dealing with pressure depends where it is coming from. Like I said earlier there are different sources. For example with school or work there is natural pressure that comes from waking up to doing the tasks; it can be complicated. It’s good that you want to do well at school or achieve the requirements for work, but once you start feeling pressure to perform though that’s when you need be aware there is another source to that pressure.

Pressure to perform is not helpful to your confidence and growth, because it is out of you wondering what people think and trying to live up to what they say. I honestly had to sit down and reflect upon why I struggled with performance pressure. I had to find out who determined the level of performance that I had to meet? Then would I still be trying to squeeze into that room if all the people I had in mind were gone? If the way I went about a situation alters because of wanting to live up to someone else’s mark then it’s performance pressure.

I think that if we followed out paths without concerning ourselves with what others thought, going through pressure would not be so overwhelming. When you know you’re doing all you can at the best of your ability, and you have no more to give; why beat yourself up thinking it’s not enough?

What makes the pressure of daily life unbearable and miserable is the constant thought eyes are watching. There is freedom in going through a tough time at your own pace without letting it consume you. Pressure will come and go, but your feelings about it will become positive if you are fighting for yourself. Go through it, learn from it and change your life.

Thank you for reading this post! Would love to hear your thoughts on this subject, message me telling me how you feel about  pressure. Do you think performance pressure is needed or do you want to get rid of it?

Jem xx

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