The Gap Between Expectations and Experience

What I think it would be like and what it actually ends up like is very different.
There is usually a large gap between the two points of expectation and experience.

High expectations can produce an underwhelming experience; simply because your excitement had created something large in your mind and what was infront of you was fine in size, but not to the vastness you had longed for.

I’ve heard people say that low expectations is the way as that means you can’t be disappointed. I disagree, because having a low outlook mean you take less care and interest in the process, which will manifest into more of a miserable experience.

What’s the best plan of action in pursuing what I want?
To close the gap, how do I set my mind?

I haven’t found a answer but I’ll start with not living in a fantasy land and embracing the raw human experience of imperfection as special.
I’ll stretch myself to close the space between the gap.


Thank you for reading this post! Would love to hear your thoughts, please comment or message me.

Jem xx

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