Its not meant to happen all at once; you would feel overwhelmed or under appreciate what you have.
If things got too busy too soon you would not know what to focus on and prioritising would be confusing.

Truth is things are going slower than you expected, you may arrive later than you planned.
For a while longer you may have to keep going without any change, your patience and will are being tested.
Keep going with the path you are on even though it is hard.

Despite the uncertainty of your arrival time, remember it is written in the stone, it will happen.
When you finally arrive you will be ready; secure and confident in your identity, proud of your process.

All of it will come to pass.
All the work you put in will show.
When the time is right no one will be able to deny the fact that the moment is yours.


Hey everyone, thank you for reading this post. Please make sure to check out more creative writing, poetry and life chats on my blog. Stay up to date by following me and message me.

Jem xx

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