My Life Is Boring

Hey everyone, last month my life was boring. It took me by surprise that even though it was early on in the new year when everything should be exciting and buzzing, I found that my life was boring. It’s not that I didn’t have goals or plans, I was very expectant about what God is going to this year. However, I felt my life was boring.

I was texting my friend Lydia and I shared how I felt with her and she said she was feeling the same way. Our situations are very different, we live in different countries, I’m introverted and she’s extroverted; but we found common ground in feeling a little bored.

Desperate for a fresh shot of life I needed to identity why I felt bored, the problem with feeling bored and how I could resolve it.

Feeling bored with life is something that must be dealt with and can’t be left alone to get better like it’s a cold; if you leave it the boredom won’t go away, action is required. Life is a blessing and a healthy one is an absolute treasure. When you are bored and unsatisfied with life you miss that fact, loss of motivation and feeling things are meaningless will then follow. To avoid an end of giving up completely thinking what was the point of doing life, I had to force myself to become aware once more. The life I have right now is important and I should not waste it.

Then wrote down why I thought my life was boring and how it got this way. The season I was in was familiar and comfortable; routines are great but I was stuck in my own predictable walk. Sometimes it’s just a phase, but mine had lasted months, my routine was tying me down. I also realised that I was not being very social, I was avoiding people on purpose (I’ll talk about this at a later post). Isolating yourself will make you bored, so don’t distance yourself from community. And finally I had no more shows to binge watch, my form of escapism so I had to face my boring life.

It is my responsibility to shake things up when they aren’t working. I want a fulfilled life and focusing on those problem areas is the only way to go forward. My next steps briefly are 1) I need to have things to look forward to, new creative projects . 2) Make meaningful connections, take steps to surround myself with good people. 3) Find new shows to watch haha.

Next week I will go into detail about the creative projects and new plans, also I will share on building friendships in a post ‘Doing more of what you love’. Thank you for reading this, make sure to come back and continue the journey with me of getting out of boredom city.

Jem xx

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