Get A Full Life You Want To Live In

Hey peeps, last week I talked about how I felt life was boring at the start of the year. Over the last four weeks I have started to or am planning to continue to do more things I am interested in to become excited about life. Instead on living in a boring routine I want to have a full life with plans, projects, and people to look forward to. Here are 3 of the things I am currently doing.

1) Write – Start creative projects

I want to have something of my own that I created and produced the way I envisioned it. This will be in many forms but I want to continue to make and grow engaging content. A community on here is one way, I am hoping the words that I share from my heart encourage and inspire others. I also started putting together books I have been procrastinating. I have had fun trying out different ideas and I am keen to see how much I develop on my creative journey.

2) Volunteer – Give back to community

Serving is so much fun, I love helping others. I am so passionate about working with children in a fun environment. Last year I helped out with kids church but I stopped because of changes in my life. So this year I joined the Brownies unit in my community. I realised I missed making a tangle difference, working with children is so rewarding; you are playing a part in their lives and it’s a responsibility but a fun one. Brownies is so wonderful, the girls are full of energy and want to learn and laugh.

3) Connect – Life is meant to be done together

I am team lone Wolf, I literally avoid people on purpose then I’ll complain that I’m bored. Being alone is fine but making memories with others is an important part of life. I joined a group this month, where I meet with people in my local area to have dinner. Talking with people that are different from you allows you to enlarge your world view. Only picking people who are similar to you can stick you in a box. So I want to ask questions, and see what I learn from people who are doing life in various ways.

There are more things I am planning to start doing such as taking short trips and going to events/concerts. Simply things really to just enjoy the opportunity and time I have.

What are some of the things you look forward to in your life?

Thank you for reading, you are amazing.

Jem xx

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