The Call

Change speaks take a new step,
Then I hear a whisper to stay.
What voice do I follow?

Preparing for the move
I evolve to fit my situation.
I notice some areas break in the shake.

They used to work fine,
But not anymore.
The source stopped producing right;
It did not keep up.

Old tools would not maintain the new environment.
Dead seed could not satisfy the land.

My house has enlarged,
This is growth.
I have added a floor,
Put in another window,
And coloured it blue;
This is depth.

I opened my heart to the call,
I accepted the process.
I took that step,
I changed.


Hey peeps, thank you for reading would love to hear from you about the process you grow through when you answer the call to change.  Make sure to stop by again and read more, I appreciate the support.

Jem xx

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