Where Confidence Starts

Hey everyone, Confidence is a tricky topic for me. It is so easy to misunderstand the meaning; confidence is not always genuine or loyal and sometimes it’s too overpowering.

What I mean is that people say confidence is how you feel, so you can put on something to wear that makes you look great and bamm confidence. It’s not genuine when we act confident saying what we know works, but not meaning any of it. Also have you ever had life get real with you, and you’re going through a hard time and can’t find confidence any where? Yeah that’s what I mean about it not being loyal, it went away because it doesn’t stand by you in bad times. Then it gets cheeky and overpowers you at random points, making you act out of character and do weird things.

I lost my confidence a few months ago, because of something I did and blamed myself for. Once you start attacking yourself confidence leaves. For a while I could still act around people the normal way, borrowing a false confidence to wear. When I got alone again the confidence would disappear and I would be filled with disappointment. Not having confidence makes you stuck, you don’t even trust yourself so you can’t progress.

I am better at walking when I’m looking upwards, without confidence I’m constantly looking down bumping into things. Confidence let’s you see properly what is in front, so I needed to get my confidence back, and this time it had to be real from within.

My confidence could not come and go depending on my mood and situation; it had to last. Getting confidence back for me started with little things that’s overtime made an impact.

• I can have confidence when I am honest; in my actions and words.

Honestly is the best policy after all, when I say the truth and don’t deny the things in my heart I can be confident in the fact I did all I could. The thought “If only I had just said this” will not hunt me as a regret. Even when what you say or do does not give you the desired outcome, you can be calm knowing that you emptied yourself out. Don’t let things pass you by without actively speaking out. If you want something go for it.

• I can have confidence when I decide to be private

People like sharing and sometimes they expect the same from you. If I don’t want to talk about something I will say so and that’s okay. Answers are optional, you know what you are ready to share when the time comes. It’s fine to keep pondering about a situation in private. Talking about the situation with trusted people does help, but there are somethings that you need to figure out on your own. People’s perspective are their, and you know you the best, and what you need.

• I can have confidence in my difference

The decisions I make don’t have to line up to what others think is right. The environment that challenges and encourages me to grow will sometimes be different to what usually works for others. As long as I am working towards something with direction and I belive in it, then I will have freedom from within.

• I can have confidence when I am relaxed

It’s okay to not be sure about everything and it’s okay to be picky sometimes. Allowing myself to express my emotions in a healthy way is important. I won’t focus on my weakness and negative feelings of my goals being out of reach when I am relaxed. I will remind myself of good things when I start to doubt and continue on.

• I can have confidence with what is mine

I only want what is mine, if it’s not mine I don’t want it and I won’t even think to use it. Going after my truth will lead me to a success that is intended for me and only me. I will not lose track of where I am going, because I stopped to take someone else’s. When it is mine, there will be no fight about it; as I believe we can’t recieve sometime that isn’t ours, it will come with too many problems.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you can walk in confidence that doesn’t shake. If you have any other point that can lead to confidence from within comment below or message me.

Jem xx


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