No Motivation or Momentum, But Still Working Hard

Hey everyone, getting up and going day after day can be especially hard when you run out of momentum and have no motivation.

One day you have this burst of energy and everything flows, making you work past your limit. Then the next you could hit a slump and moving through is difficult. It can be a challenge to produce work in the same quantity and quality that you were able to before. When momentum and motivation go, they are normally replaced with procrastination and tiredness.

We have to learn to not give into their negative replacements. Pushing past the feelings and going forward will lead to true consistency. In that period of doing what you have to do, even when you don’t want to or have any support to back you tests your will power.

1] Smaller and Focused
A good start to help you work through the slump is to lighten your load a little. When we listen to our body it thanks us. If you are feeling very sluggish is one period do not overpack your schedule and tasks; it will only lead to a breakdown. Focus on the most important, since your energy is not high spreading yourself too thin is a waste.

2] Breaks and Rewards
Monday to Saturday is when you work, so make Sunday your day off; do nothing and rest, not thinking about work. Rewards depend on good behaviour and act as an incentive, knowing your day off is coming allows you to continue to pull forward.

3] Past Work as Inspiration
What we did well in the past can help in the present. Look through a piece or project and see the parts you can improve on. In the end you will create something refined. Plus you didn’t have to scratch your head trying to think of a new idea.

4] Progress Checks
After a while, you will notice you have been working hard and have managed to do more than you thought. It may not be as much quantity wise, but the quality would be higher. The focus, rest and depth you did to expand your work shows, making you feel you achieved something great.

These steps really helped me when I was struggling to reach person targets. I began to look forward to my monthly reviews, it made me eager to want to improve. I didn’t get stuck, and start to regress, because I lost momentum and motivation. I worked despite the fact I didn’t feel like it and I learned so much about myself and now have a better work ethic.

Thank you for reading, comment sharing some of the ways you get work done when  you don’t have the motivation.

Jem xx


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