Being Okay If…Doesn’t Work

Hey everyone, we all have things in our hearts that we pray about, work towards and dream about. I want you to get that thing in your mind, it could be an object, person or opportunity. Now fill in the blank “I will be okay if…. doesn’t work out”.

I’m not trying to be negative about your aspirations and I’m not telling you to do it half heartedly. What I want to get across is the being Okay state of mind when things don’t go how you plan.

There was a dream and some people that I couldn’t picture my life without. It didn’t occur to me to honestly think about what I’d do if the situations didn’t work out, I thought there would be no life without it. So last year when my dream, the thing I was living for fell apart I was completely torn. I had no idea what my life meant and I didn’t have anything else to hold on to.

It was a struggle and to this day it sill is trying to rebuild a life. I thought I didn’t have anything I wanted anymore so what was the point. My breakdown made me write more and blog, because I was trying to kill time and not think about other things. I changed my blog name to ‘sfjTheOutcome’, because I was actually now Searching for Joy and I wanted to see what the result would be. The blog let me release frustration, pain and boredom.

After a few weeks of starting again I began to evison where I’d like to go on my new journey. However, it was not enough to get me out of my slump. See I thought I was just settling and making do, because I had nothing left I genuinely wanted. Then I released after more weeks passed that I actually loved the blog I had created and I would never had spent the time on it if my plans hadn’t come apart.

Now I’m recovering and want to put everything together in this new build. What I lost and what kept me going, I want to use them both as my foundation.

The dream I thought I lost is back, but I’m going after it in a different way. It also won’t be the only thing I’m focusing on, as another dream I had when I was 10 years old has been reawakened. These two dreams get me expectant and excited about possibilities. I know now after my last experience that if they don’t work out like I plan I will be okay.

When I stumble and loss my way in the future or go through rejection I can hold on knowing that I will be okay. The thing that makes me the person I am will stay intact, and I won’t crumble so easily.

I want you to take away from my story the importance of learning to fight life with two swords. The first sword is one you attack with and are pursing like crazy. The if the enemy hits it away you won’t be defenceless as you have another sword. This second sword, aka plan B will let you fight until you regain ground, it will help you stand and later pick up the first sword or create a new sword. This second sword is not safe or comfortable, you are not settling; it is strong and can lead to great things.

Thank you for reading, I hope you can find a way to be okay even if… doesn’t work and still live well.

Jem xx


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