Home Is Where Free Food Is

Home Is Where Free Food Is 3.1

Dan comes in the front door and heads straight to his room, he is 3 years older than Rain. After putting his things down he walks to the living room, doesn’t say hi to Rain, but instead grabs her phone from her hand, laughs and doesn’t return it.

RAIN: Can you stop doing that, ahh you’re so annoying!

He drops her phone on the table and goes into the kitchen. Rain has to get up to reach for it.

DAN: (Opens the fridge) What are we eating?

RAIN: There is food in the fridge.

As he walks past Rain again to head to his room she jumps a little to hide her phone; he starts to laugh.

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Not Doing Enough, But There Isn’t Anymore I Can Do

Hey everyone, when my plans don’t fall together in the time frame I expected I start to feel defeated; mainly because I don’t know how long I can keep going. Something must have happened to severely delay or there is a roadblock and I get confused. The first thing I think is that it’s my fault, I didn’t work hard enough and I should have … Continue reading Not Doing Enough, But There Isn’t Anymore I Can Do