Mistakes Are Not To Pull You Down

Hey everyone, I was thinking about how people want to be perfect and it’s not because they like the feeling from over achieving; but instead it’s they hate making mistakes. I am one of those people who hate making mistakes so this is coming from my own issues.

Mistakes are seen like a sign of weakness, that as soon as you make one you are no longer capable. The reason why there is so much negatively towards is because it comes from your own actions, you did something wrong and it was your misguidedness or inexperience that brought it about. That’s why you get anger at yourself. Mistakes force you to confront them, you usually cannot cover them for long and you become vulnerable from having to admit it.

I used to not like making mistakes because I have to acknowledge that I didn’t know what I was doing or what I had in mind was wrong. It makes me feel lost and disappointed, then I start worrying what others would think.

However, my perspective started to change when I heard Salma Hayek (Actress) in an interview say “It’s my mistake so what?”. I didn’t understand how she could be so calm and dismissive  about something that eats me up inside.

Mistakes try out bury me and overwhelm me, so it was surprising to me that you can say it doesn’t matter about something that screams for attention. Feeling embarrassed about my mistakes was something I understood, but to think I could see it as miniscule and push it aside easily was mind blowing.

Then I thought, maybe my mistakes aren’t getting together to laugh at me; maybe they are simply saying ‘don’t go at it like this.

Normally I am sincere about my efforts and the mistake happens because of something I did unintentionally or neglected to do in the first place. So what it wants to tell me is “that’s great what you want to do, but you’re going at it the wrong way; next time try another way”. I used to think that since I caused the problem with my own hands that the mistake was putting me down, but it’s really not the case.

I have been living with a new perspective, I’m not avoiding mistakes anymore or hiding in shame when they happen. I also won’t let the thought of what others think make me feel stressed. When I move forward I will do my best to be prepared and plan, because I want a great result and not because I’m scared to be wrong.

My mistakes are a ‘Not Like This’ reminder and they are on my side, cheering me on by guiding me.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you found it helpful or relatable. If you have any thoughts about dealing with mistakes comment below or message me. I love hearing from you.

Jem xx


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