Memories Of Jess

Memories of Jess  1.1

Lately when they are alone no one speaks, they can’t speak, they don’t know what to say. The silence is abruptly broken when Jess suddenly runs ahead and shouts.

JESS: What if you didn’t this time!

RAIN: Are you going to help?

JESS: Well…

RAIN: (Interrupts Jess) It’s okay…
I won’t want you to.

The silence returns, not even a sound can be heard from the cars passing. Jess continues ahead to the traffic lights and crosses; their time is up. Without a word they part, Jess kept going and Rain still hasn’t moved. The usual way things end for them.

Memories of Jess 1.2

RAIN: Sometimes I prefer the thought of something and not the actually thing.

JESS: (annoyed by the remark and it’s  heard in the reply)
What makes you say that? Why are you saying that now?

RAIN: I’m trying to be honest. I don’t understand it completely, but I know that it happens. The thought of something will get me excited and eager, then when it comes to it I feel nothing.

JESS: Do you feel nothing now?

RAIN: I’m just trying to be honest, I don’t want to keep pretending.

JESS: Do you feel nothing now? Here in this moment?

Marine walks into the kitchen to get a spoon for the salad. The music from the living room and the chatter of voices rings through.

MARINE: (speaking while she chews) Food is getting cold you two.

She walks out oblivious to the fact that food was the last thing on their minds.


Memories of Jess 1.3

Jess and Rain are people watching from the window of the restaurant.

RAIN: It’s your turn.

JESS: The last one you did was so bad, let me show you how it’s really done.

(Points at a passerby who is drinking water from a bottle)

See her, that’s sparkling water not still, because who even drinks normal water anymore. Everything about her life is busy. It started when she was 5 and her parents gave birth to quad triplets; since then if you didn’t act quick enough it meant you get left behind. At 11 she got scouted to be an actress, during the audition she found out she couldn’t act. Summer in ’06, her and friends went to the beach, that was the last summer she ever went to the beach; mentioning the trip is taboo.

RAIN: Stop, stop anytime you go it always sounds so unrealistic. First thing its QUADRUPLETS not quad triplets! You could have just given her one sibling, but no not you, you had to try be funny. Then you make a silly mistake. Typical.

They fall into hysteric laugher and keep repeating “quad triplets”.


Memories of Jess 1.4

After the last conversation they had that ended badly time passed. The longer things are left, the harder it gets to go back and fix it.

RAIN: I want to be with you if you can give me another chance, I understand if you can’t or need time…
But I wanted to tell you anyway I miss you Jess.

JESS: Honestly, I appreciate the fact that you have missed me, but it’s been awhile.

RAIN: It’s okay you can’t force it.

JESS: Sorry Rain, you really are nice but I moved on.


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