Don’t Miss The Moments

Anyone else think 2018 is flying by? I’m not complaining, because then everything will go slow and drag along, but I’m just noticing how quickly it’s all happening. The fact that it is already the middle of March has made me determined to not miss the life around me that is happening.

I’m worried I’ll miss encounters, opportunities and more because they came and I didn’t notice them or didn’t prioritise them thinking I have time.

Moments are important, they are what make our memories. Our life simply is the memories we collect and we live in our memories.
To make sure I grab these experiences I want I need to be prepared. Here are 3 things that are helping me.

1) Intention

One of the main reasons I let things slip by is because I am waiting for them to come to me. I get passive and say “if the conditions are right, maybe I’ll take the step”. Literally all I’m doing is making excuses.

Instead of waiting for a sign, I want my heart to focus on being intentional. If what I want is something I value, then I should act on purpose; active participation is the only way.

2) Flexibility

The next thing for me to remember is that it won’t always happen on my time scale, especially when others are involved.

When it’s not ideal I don’t want to see them as an inconvenience. I’ll have boundaries so I don’t get taken advantage of, if someone is always calling things last minute then know how to act. Flexibility means allowing it to go in a different direction, as long as it’s a healthy working one.

3) Kindness

Since most of the things we do are linked to other people, the way we treat them is vital. I’m the type who won’t fall asleep if I said something harsh to someone.

I decided I always wanted to leave people on a positive. Kindness is not trying to people please or always give flattery. It’s setting the environment by being approachable and sincere; regardless of what they do to you, your actions remained pure.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoy making the memories you want to live in.

Jem xx

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