Can I Trust You?

Achieving things is great, it’s a nice reward; what you are doing is paying off.
Will you keep going without the praise?

What about that thing you want again, last time you broke it; with another chance will you give better results?

If there was more added could you handle it?

Can I trust you?

Hey everyone, so these are the questions I’ve been asking myself about different areas in my life; from work to relationships, am I someone who can be trusted with those things.

From my past experiences I’ve learnt that increase is a responsibility, when you get what you want the thing will demand you take care of it. Having more friends is great, but can you give your time and loyalty consistently or will you start to flake down the road.

I realised that when I asked for more in an area in my life and did not receive it, the fact I could not handle it might have been a reason why. It is better to not have your focus divided and strained, when you are not in a place to look after what you have. I am okay with working at a few things, doing my best to make them last; instead of having alot at once and them being temporary, because I lose them.
I am aware that sometimes I crack under pressure, I tend to quit and give up to early. The things I want can’t be done half heartedly.

However, I do not want to stay with a few forever. There are somethings I dream of and am asking for, but I need to become someone who is trust worthy and can hold it all together.

Right now to prepare, I am working on my character and developing to meet the requirements the demand will place on me. I am aiming for longevity, keeping at it, seeing it through to the end. When I can pass through hardships, dry seasons and low valleys I know I can be trusted. Then I know, I’ll be able to recieve more.

Thank you for reading. Be sure to visit the blog, comment and follow me for more.

Jem xx


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