Afternoon With Sari

Afternoon With Sari 2.1

Sari and Rain are getting hot drinks at the local independent coffee shop.

SARI: Large latte please (smilies shyly at the barista)

Is it bad that I honestly don’t really care about making friends, like it’s too much of a bother.

Sari is making a statement, not really wanting a response from Rain.

SARI: Thank you (Takes drink and nods satisfied, then turns to tell Rain)
I think those seats over there will do, we won’t be here long anyway.

The two walk towards the space, while sipping their drinks.

SARI: What was I just saying… oh right it’s a pain asking questions because I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with the answers. I am genuinely uninterested about other people’s lives. Don’t get me wrong I care for their wellbeing and hope they are doing okay, but I care from afar.

It starts to get loud from the rush of tourist customers, so the two leave the shop and head aimless towards nowhere.

Afternoon with Sari 2.2

SARI: Maybe it’s because I’m insecure, stuck in my memory of how I used to be when I was naive.
Before I got attached easily and actually thought good things about people.

Then I learnt not to anymore, trusting people isn’t for me…

In front a store Sari examines the mannequin wondering why clothes where so expensive. She forgets the point she was trying to make after that distraction.

SARI: Let’s window shop since we’re here anyway. The mirrors in these places are always so unflattering, definetly will keep me from spending.

Afternoon with Sari 2.3

SARI: Guess who just texted me, it’s so random.

Rain in standing and Sari is sitting while they wait for a bus.

SARI: I wonder if she knows that people don’t like her. The girl was fake and manipulative; she must be aware that people don’t like her.
I’m only talking to her because I pity her, she doesn’t have any friends.

Rain smirks at this comment, knowing she too is in a similar situation with Sari.





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