Home Is Where Free Food Is

Home Is Where Free Food Is 3.1

Dan comes in the front door and heads straight to his room, he is 3 years older than Rain. After putting his things down he walks to the living room, doesn’t say hi to Rain, but instead grabs her phone from her hand, laughs and doesn’t return it.

RAIN: Can you stop doing that, ahh you’re so annoying!

He drops her phone on the table and goes into the kitchen. Rain has to get up to reach for it.

DAN: (Opens the fridge) What are we eating?

RAIN: There is food in the fridge.

As he walks past Rain again to head to his room she jumps a little to hide her phone; he starts to laugh.

Home Is Where Free Food Is 3.2

Rain is eating pasta and mumbling to herself in between bites. It’s just her and Dan around for dinner.

DAN: Stop talking to yourself, it’s weird.

RAIN: I’m not talking to myself, I have an imaginary reality TV show and I’m simply giving my commentary update on the progress of things and how I felt about that situation.

DAN: Once again, please stop talking to yourself it’s embarrassing.


Home Is Where Free Food Is 3.3

RAIN: This time last year, everything was so different. I never imagined it would play out like (doesn’t finish sentence)

The girls are talking on the phone about their friendship circle.

MARINE: Are you feeling nostalgic? What’s with the melodramatic tone.
Focus on what’s infront now.

RAIN: Yeah I know…I will… I mean I am.

MARINE: There is nothing more you can do on your own. Don’t beat yourself up, you put all your cards on the table and said all you could. No regrets hun

RAIN: When I start reminiscing, it’s hard to stop.

The fridge door slams.

DAN: Who ate the last piece of cake, I was coming back for it?


Hey everyone, thank you for reading today’s creative piece. I hope you have enjoyed meeting Rain and those around her in the last few posts; make sure to check out ‘Memorise of Jess’ and ‘Afternoon with Sari’ if you missed it.

Jemima xx

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