Try It A Different Way

I used to be one of those people who say they hate exercising. This year I didn’t even make fitness goals. A few weeks ago I did 10minutes of cardio and was so tired I wanted to stop, instead I thought I’ll focus on my abs for the rest of the time but I didn’t want to go on the floor. As a result I Google’d standing ab workout out and then I did arms and legs, when I finished I was buzzing and felt great.

What I realise is that I don’t hate ‘all’ exercise; cardio is the devil and floor workouts are mean, but the rest are fine. Now I have a new perspective on working out all because I changed what I was doing.

Sometimes when I speak about a situation I say I have tried everything and did all I could. Really what I did was the same thing the same way over and over. I would do this because I thought it’s something that is meant to work, so the problem must be me. I see so many positive reviews about cardio and for years I focused only on cardio since everyone says it works. Then because I was doing something that was making me tired and miserable I decided I hate exercise.

Here’s my point from that story, I had to learn to try a different type of workout. I was was ready to give up because I was not receiving what I needed from it. The thing that was holding me back was because I was stuck, when there was more to exercise and I didn’t explore it.

If one way of doing something doesn’t suit you, try to change it. Versatility opens up new and creative approaches. In all areas of my life I am working on finding the things that are for me, and I know I will get results eventually if I focus on them.

Thank you for reading this post, hope you try a different way with that thing in your life that you are about to give up on.

Jemima xx

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