Step and See!

Fear of what is around the corner can keep me from moving, does that happen to you too?

I’ll spend my time wondering if it will work out or what people will think of me. This year I managed to push those thoughts aside so far and met was waiting for me. Finding out for yourself is always the best decision, your imagination could be wrong or right but either way it’s best to find out.

There are two new things I tried out so far. I started volunteering with young girls, I was worried if they would like me and if I would make an impact there. So far the memories I made are more lovely than I could imagine, the girls are so full of energy and just want to have fun. Then I joined a social group to have dinner with people around the area. Of course I was worried about what I’d talk about with these new people and if they would like me. Once again I was welcomed so warmly and had a great night of laughter.

However, not everything had such a great result. I tried to fix a particular situation in my personal life that I felt I didn’t not leave well and unfortunately I could not resolve it. Even though I was sad about it I reminded myself atleast I’m not wondering what if anymore. The situation required more than just my intention to fix it, but I took a step to bring it about and I’m proud for doing so.

In life we have more options, it’s not a yes or a no outcome. If I went to the group and didn’t feel comfortable, I would have forced myself to go to another one until I found the reception I had in mind. It is more interesting to actually experience things than to run away and never do it at all.

That brave step you take will reward you, it’s a yes or yes outcome. Either you took the step and it was great or you took a step and need to take another; since there are still many more options infront waiting for you to leap again.

Thank you for reading this post, this next week identify something you’ve been avoiding because of fear. I dare you to find out what is on the other side!

Jemima xx

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