Our Midweek

On Wednesday at 3pm I decided I was going to break it off with you
After thinking about it for an hour I was certain if I didn’t do it today,
Somehow I’ll find reasons to stay

I had made up my mind that this, us needed to not continue on to Thursday
So I reached for my phone to send the text of summoning,
‘we need to talk’ would have made it obvious, Instead at 3:15pm ‘hey, are you free tonight?’

You didn’t reply for a few hours
Then it turned out you weren’t
I wasn’t surprised
You never make time for me
But you said sorry and that you felt bad, that you wished you could kiss me right then

Thursday I woke up and my mind was changed
Here I go again
Stuck to you
Not able to leave
Though I know
I want more
From you
All of you
You and me holding hands while walking
Being together in our own little world
Dreaming of the day we’d live under one roof
Wishing and hoping that one day being with you won’t hurt so much
I know that it won’t last so next Wednesday I’ll try again, and end it at 3pm and won’t change my mind

Even though I said the same thing last Wednesday



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