Perfection doesn’t exist and there is no way to achieve it in this life. For a long time I would obsess over getting everything right in order to become perfect. It is such a miserable state to work in, as nothing will ever live up to meet the demands in your head. You will always feel you are not doing enough.

I always wanted to lead by example and be a good role model, because I’ve been working around children. I thought I had to be perfect since their little eyes were watching me and I wanted them to aspire to do great things from observing me. When actually the best way to be a role model is to be real and genuine.

If you try too hard and fixate about particularly high standards, it could have the opposite effect. It becomes something they feel they can’t accomplish, because the criteria is too much. When you work you should aim to pave the way for others also, make it look easy not complicated so others would want to try it. Everything requires hard work and takes excellence, but it doesn’t have to be unreachable for both you and others.

I am following my personal journey, being obedient to God, proactive and wise. With diligence and sincerity I try not to cut corners. Instead of aiming at perfection, I’ve made those the standard to assess my work. It’s also not about ticking boxes and creating a formula. Going through the motions will make you miss moments. The heart needs to be fully involved, you have to pour your whole self into it.

Thank you all for reading, I hope this was helpful to those who set the bar too high for themselves.

Jemima 🙂 xx

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