All That Matters Is…

Why do you do what you do? Who are you living for? What are you trying to achieve? When will you be satisfied?

I used to think that my aim in life is to live a happy life, if things did not fit that state I did not do it. I trusted my feelings too much to decide. When I first wrote my vision statement for this blog ‘sfjTheOutcome’ it was ‘live happier deciding better’.

However it didn’t sit well with me and I didn’t belive it completely. Sfj stands for ‘searching for joy’ and joy is achieved through happiness right? I wanted to control my reactions and response to life and I knew wise decisions were the way. But was my ambition in life simply to be happy?

After a few months spending time growing and digging deeper within I changed it to ‘Live well, making better decisions’. Wellness was what I was after. It is more than being happy as that doesn’t last, you can’t be happy all the time, there are other emotions that are important for you to experience as a human.

The life you want to create has to be one with meaning and that makes you fulfilled working at it. Having those as your core will keep you going through the seasons of life. The rainy weather mirrors the fact that tears will come in our life sometimes, but “April’s showers brings May’s flowers”. It is all needed.

To live well understand what matters to you, the type of person you want to be, the people you want to help and the mark on the world you want to leave. Those things bring different emotions, relationships and friendships take work and it is not all up hill dancing.

Spending time on your passion takes energy and there are things you just can’t control so tiredness and frustration will come. That thing in the world that bugs you takes times to fix, and that requires patience aswell. Your life has so much ahead and feelings change, seek to go after what matters to you rather than simply feeling high from happiness. If all you chase after is happy, you will soon realise like I did that it leaves you feeling empty.

Thank you for reading this post, remember you don’t have to be happy all the time to be living your best life.

Jemima 🙂 xx

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