The Problem With Good Distractions

Have you ever or are you doing something that is good/helpful, but you know it’s something you shouldn’t be focusing on? There is nothing wrong with what you are doing, it’s the misallocation of time that is the problem. In order to do that good thing it is coming out of time from somewhere else that needed it.

It happens to me where there are projects I need to give my all to, but I am not completely focused from having other things on my mind. My priority should have been to spend enough time on the project to finish it in the time frame planned, but I am going here and there doing this and that. Then are times when I need to be in a season of taking care of just myself, but I try to avoid the alone time that will refuel and reset me.

The thing with good distractions is that they don’t do any obvious harm, you think nothing of them and they
actually make you feel good. Helping someone or chatting with a friend you haven’t seen in a while makes you happy. However, the fact that it is pulling you away from the thing you should be focusing on by taking up your time, emotions and resources means it’s actually not working for you, but against your initial goal.

Balance is important so I am not saying only ever think of yourself. It’s just knowing and becoming aware where you are and what you need to be doing in that period. Humans are limited, you can’t do everything. When you have a vision in mind, giving your all to it so it can have a successful outcome cannot happen if you spread yourself too thin.

Thank you for reading this post. Hope you are doing your best remaining focused on what is infront.

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Jemima 🙂 xx

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