Imaginary Friend

I know you’re not real,
But still I need to belive in you.
I need to know that someone has got my back,
Watching out for me.

Sometimes things happen that make me wonder,
I think if there is any point in going forward.
Then I remember your words,
It helps me make it through the year.

I hold out until our next meeting,
It won’t matter when you arrive.
What didn’t make sense will be explained,
Waiting is worth what will come.

Your promised visits,
They light my world.
Come check in on me,
I’ve been patient.

Gift me with your presence,
Stay awhile.
What you want to give me I want it,
Talk, I’m listening.


Hey everyone, thank you for reading that poem. If you like please do and rememer to follow for more.

Jemima 🙂 xx

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